Who is Kareem Elsirafy?

Kareem Elsirafy is a contributor to a number of blogs and magazines, his contributions are very insightful and are really interesting reading. Kareem has written for Innovation Insights and is very knowledgeable on his choosen subjects.

Kareem is a US Marine Corps Veteran and he is from NY. He completed high school and then enlisted in the USMC and served in the 6th Motor Transport Battalion Headquarters in New Jersey & Providence Rhode Island until 2003. He has extensive experience in this and other fields. Kareem then decided to  to establish his own full service marketing firm. The services offered ranged from website design and development to comprehensive marketing campaigns and research. Kareem has also continued his studies and is still undertaking a number of educations activities.

Kareem has written on how Vets can transition from a military life to a tech based role. This is a really useful articles with lots of useful info and is a real eye-opener for military and non-military personnel. There are lots of programs for vets to transition to other areas after they complete service. These programs range in their effectiveness. If a vet is willing or wants to get into the digital arena, it can be very daunting, it is so wide, Where do you start. It can be confusing and it can put people off from entering the area.

Kareem does a great job explaining how a military person can transition into this area. The recent changes in technology need not confuse but they can actually benefit vets. This is pointed out in the article. Whatever path a vet chooses, it should  present information in a simple and intuitive manner. Connecting individuals with other individuals or entities should be authentic and free of clutter. The architecture of the platform should be pliable, able to pivot and accommodate to the continually changing needs of the military community.